Upgrading a motorbike exhaust

There are many reasons you would consider upgrading a motorbike exhaust, for better looks, greater performance, power gains, you name it.

It almost goes without saying when it comes to motorbike exhaust upgrades Corse Scuderia have a vast range to choose from.  All built by expert teams to exacting standards to give you the very best 'bang for your buck'.

Trouble is, many people think it's illegal to change an exhaust on a motorbike and others think it's not something they can do as a DIY job.  Both these thoughts are easily debunked.

Is upgrading a motorbike exhaust illegal in the UK?

For starters no it's not illegal to change out a motorbike exhaust in the UK, but if you upgrade to an exhaust that doesn't pass strict MOT standards for UK law then of course it is.  However, changing the exhaust for one that does tick the MOT boxes is perfectly legal.

For instance, the BMW R 1250 the class-defining adventure bike that's long been famous for being one of Britain’s best-selling bikes overall.

It may look just fine with it's bulky stock chrome exhaust system, but what about changing it out for something with a little more umph?

BMW R1250
BMW R1250 improved exhaust

4-Track R Black, much more 'bang for your buck'

The 4-TRACK R with DBK is dedicated to the Maxi Enduro, the Sport Touring/Adventure and Crossover of last generation, the new 4-TRACK R loves the thrill of great spaces and roads that go beyond the horizon.

In dyno tests adding the 4-Track provided an increase in Horse Power (or if you prefer - Cheval-Vapeur ), whilst ensuring you have a system that's super strong.

Capable of withstanding the most demanding situations and many miles ridden on roads, paths, mountains and deserts all over the world.

BMW R 1250 GS with HP Corse

So is swapping the exhaust for something like a HP Corse 4-Track R Silencer road legal?

The answer is simply YES, the 4-track not only looks the part but also provides great reliability and an improved performance against all original systems.

With, the homologated to Euro 4 specification, you know it ticks the boxes for the EURO 4 (UE) nr. 134/2014 e 2016/1824 G specifications to.

Is DIY fitting really an option?

Whenever people ask this question, it's easy to answer yes.  But it does of course depend on a number of things.

Firstly do you have a few standard tools?  Such as

  • A Spring puller
  • A decent socket set
  • Spanners

Lastly, have you got the inclination to get your hands just a little dirty?


If you can tick these boxes and you're up for learning a little then, away you go.  Really fitting a new exhaust to a motorbike isn't that hard, in most cases it's easily completed in no time at all.

Still wondering if it's easy to do, why not head over to MCN for a full run down of what's involved